Day three – Warm up

For the 3rd day we worked on a quick concept and presented to all class. It was the first brainstorm. The goal is to feed our brains with different ideas.

The one I presented is the following:


As I mentioned before, I don’t appreciate the first concepts associated to fences: property, aggressiveness, keeping people and things away, segregation. So my quick concept brought fences + sharing, going against those first ideas.

It is a fence / activity for schools. In the yard, the school has a little garden where it is growing fruits, vegetables and flowers. Each break time, one group take care of the garden and the other is preparing snacks, juices, salads and so on with the food coming from the garden. The fence is the sharing platform: on the first draw I make clear the “windows” on the fence.

I am looking forward to make this project real.


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