Day four – Brainstorming

After the warm ups with the group, it is time to organize thoughts and come up with initial ideas. I started with a brainstorming of words somehow related to fences for me:


The second step was selecting the strongest words for me and grouping them:

Selected words have a red dot

The groups are:

• Education + Sharing
• Personal Boundaries + Interaction
• Feminism + Chauvinism + Freedom
• Anarchy + Cats + Chaos + Taking the Risk

Those four groups are possibilities of starting points. In order to understand them better and make a decision, I made a second small brainstorm on each group:


After understanding which first ideas are behind each topic, I put some thought on that and shared with my classmates. The conclusion is: working with feminism, besides being a contemporary and universal problem, matches with my profile. So this is the chosen topic.  The next step is immersing on this universe and cropping which aspect I want to work with.