Day five – First feedback

After choosing the main topic, I started researching (materials available on the menu RESEARCH up right). On the first talk with Professor Juli, I brought my research (briefly) and my first decisions about the topic.

Research notes:


My first immersion took me to the following:

• It is not possible to talk to all women from all cultures about all topics at one time. It is important crop a place, a culture, a situation. Following that, I chose contemporary Brazilian women.

• Fences Brazilian Women Face still a huge field, so I started looking for aspects and subtopics. One of the ideas was exploring that Brazilian writers have to say.

• During the first feedback, a second idea came up: working with real testimonials from different Brazilian women, from different parts of the country and different ages. This approach seems more interesting to me.

The next step is talking to women, explaining the project and collecting stories. All stories will be available on the menu STORIES up right.

At the same time, I will start working on the representation of fences we find on those declarations.


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